Sharde Morris-Tate, MPH

Consultant, Trainer, Educator, Engagement Coordinator


Sharde Morris-Tate, MPH

Hi, I'm Sharde Morris-Tate

As a current student earning a master’s in social work, I am so excited to begin my journey with The Center for Connection and Desire. I currently hold a master’s in public health and am currently a sex educator with aspirations of becoming a sex therapist.

My passion for supporting people began while working in the medical field for over twelve years. Like many others before me, I noticed a gap within patient care that was virtually untouchable from the position I was in. While a persons’ physical health is important, a person’s mental health is just as important, if not more. Patients were unable to complete their own care gaps such as showing up for appointments, eating healthier, quitting unhealthy habits, or even staying motivated within themselves to achieve their health goals. I was inspired to learn more, to do more.

I’ve studied SDOH, socioeconomic and cultural disparities, and so much more. Being able to sit down and discuss their barriers in life and being able to assist them through those struggles is a mission of mine. I desire to connect with people to encourage a better quality of life, filled with them being unapologetically themselves in every way.