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D&D 2.0: Questing Through the Realms of Self, Identities, & Relationships

Registration is now OPEN. You can sign up for the whole group OR just sample this new group but just attending our D&D 2.0: Session Zero, Character Building Session

Time to Get Creative!

Join us for D&D 2.0 Session Zero - Character Building! This session is a ONE-TIME session to build your character for our D&D group. This session is at a discounted rate with NO OBLIGATION to sign up for our weekly groups. This is an opportunity to see if you would like to move forward and experiment by creating a character. Hosted by Sex Therapist & Game Master: Julie Setting, LCSW!

About the Main D&D Group:

For experienced D&D players and those brand new to the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, join the small party of adventurers for a journey of self-exploration led by experienced Game Master / Sex Therapist / Psychotherapist Julie Setting, LCSW.

As a clinical therapist, Julie’s knowledge, skills, and abilities provide expertise in creating a collaborative and supportive space where individuals can feel safe to take risks that allow them to explore their roles and impact on their group and community.

Through combat, exploration & role play, players will be encouraged to set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, navigate social challenges, take big risks, and master new skills and abilities. Individuals will have an opportunity to explore gender identity, sexual orientation, personal values, and their desired role in their communities. The collaborative narrative gameplay creates a safe environment to challenge negative self-talk and build self-worth and self-trust. Players will leave the group with an enhanced sense of self and increased confidence in authentic self-expression.

Register for just D&D Session Zero (No obligation to continue).

Register For the Main Group.

What Is Adult Sex Ed?

Traditional sex ed for young people at school or at home typically involves anatomy & physiology, healthy relationships, abstinence, condoms & birth control… BUT, little more than that …

But don’t we need more?

Yes! So much more!

Adult Sex Ed Workshops cover … well, everything else!

Workshop Topics

  • Holiday Spice, Naughty & Nice: Unwrapping Greater Intimacy & Desire
  • Sexual Communication - How do I even talk about this?
  • From Flirty to Dirty - Sexy talk from 101 to WOW
  • Keys to Happy Healthy Sex Lives in Long-Term Relationships
  • Kink 101 for (Hesitant) Vanillas
  • Sexual Fantasy - What’s normal and how your fantasies can enrich your sexual partnerships
  • Desire & Arousal - Not the same thing! How to build both
  • And many more…. Just email us to discuss options
  • From Anxious to Relaxed - How to take the pressure out of sex
  • LOVE REMIX: Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamous Relationships

Adult Sex Ed Formats

  • SEX TRIVIA - Great for bars, restaurants, & parties
  • 1, 2 or 3-hour workshop formats
  • Custom adult sex ed educational events

Get Started - We Will Customize The Curriculum To Meet Your Needs

Our Educators, trainers, and consultants at The Center for Connection and Desire can create or customize a workshop or curriculum that is right for you or your group!

Just email us at [email protected] to find out more about our Adult Sex Education workshops & retreats

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