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What Is Adult Sex Ed?

Traditional sex ed for young people at school or at home typically involves anatomy & physiology, healthy relationships, abstinence, condoms & birth control… BUT, little more than that …

But don’t we need more?

Yes! So much more!

Adult Sex Ed Workshops cover … well, everything else!

Workshop Topics

  • Sexual Communication - How do I even talk about this?
  • From Flirty to Dirty - Sexy talk from 101 to WOW
  • Keys to Happy Healthy Sex Lives in Long-Term Relationships
  • Kink 101 for (Hesitant) Vanillas
  • Sexual Fantasy - What’s normal and how your fantasies can enrich your sexual partnerships
  • Desire & Arousal - Not the same thing! How to build both
  • And many more…. Just email us to discuss options
  • From Anxious to Relaxed - How to take the pressure out of sex

Adult Sex Ed Formats

  • SEX TRIVIA - Great for bars, restaurants, & parties
  • 1, 2 or 3-hour workshop formats
  • Custom adult sex ed educational events

Get Started - We Will Customize The Curriculum To Meet Your Needs

Our Educators, trainers, and consultants at The Center for Connection and Desire can create or customize a workshop or curriculum that is right for you or your group!

Just email us at [email protected] to find out more about our Adult Sex Education workshops & retreats

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