Kate Randall, MEd

Consultant, Trainer, Educator


Kate Randall

About Kate Randall

Hi, I’m Kate Randall.

I am a masters-level Sexuality Educator, Professional Trainer and Curriculum Developer. I launched my sex ed career early on as a healthy relationships peer educator in high school. Honing my passion for teaching about sexuality and relationships, I attended Widener University and earned a Master's degree in Human Sexuality Education. I served as Training Coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Delaware’s (PPDE) Sexuality Education Training Institute, establishing a statewide sexual health training program for teachers. After 5 years in Delaware, I moved to Portland, Oregon, and continued education and training work at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette.

With over 12 years of experience as a sexuality educator and trainer, and expertise as an instructional designer, I have been invited to present sex ed workshops at numerous national conferences. I, along with the entire PPDE education team, won a national Planned Parenthood award in 2013 for the outstanding education department of the year.

My favorite topics to teach and discuss include gender roles, power dynamics, and the social construction of human sexuality. My very favorite part of teaching is seeing the myriad of emotions and facial expressions among participants. I am passionate about demystifying human sexuality and normalizing open communication. I dream of a world where everyone has the ability to write their own narrative about love, sex, and relationships.