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About Us

The Center for Connection & Desire is a team of therapists, trainers, educators, and business consultants committed to supporting the mental health, relationship health, and sexual health of our community. Much more than therapists and educators, we're your allies on your life's journey, even when times are tough.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Center for Connection & Desire is to increase sexual self-compassion and sex positivity, radically-reduce and challenge sexual shame, build self-empowerment, expand sex-positivity and sexual self agency,  facilitate close connected intimate relationships, promote pleasure as self-care, expand bodily comfort, love, & compassion, and increase comprehensive knowledge of the diversity of healthy sexuality and expression.

We do this through caring and competent sex therapy, couples therapy, psychotherapy, adult sex education, and professional consulting, development, & training services.

Our purpose and values are to support individuals in being comfortable, confident, joyful and connected in their bodies, their relationships, their sexuality, and their sexual expression.

It is our belief that all people should be valued, accepted, and empowered and deserves to enjoy their sexuality and connection in their relationships

Through compassionate psychotherapy, sex therapy, or couples counseling, we help individuals, couples, and folks representing sexually-marginalized communities go from feeling disconnected, ashamed, or heartbroken in your relationship to having the intimacy you always wanted.

Through our Adult Sex Ed and professional training and consulting services we provide our community with critical education and expertise to support the sexual health and sex education needs of our Delaware community and beyond.

We work everyday to help you communicate better with your partner. From both being miserable in your relationship to not feeling comfortable being yourself, we’re the therapists and educators that can help you to a place where you feel positive and connected to yourself, to your body, to your sexuality, and to your partner.


Committed To Helping

Our Story

The Center for Connection & Desire is here to help you transform your relationship with your sexuality, your body, and/or your partners. Let us help you connect with your heart's desire for impact, healing, and growth. Whether you have concerns about your sexuality (too much desire? too little? desire for the "wrong" things?) or if you want more connection with yourself, your partner, or what it is that would create more meaning in your life, The Center's staff is here to help. There are thousands of reasons and experiences why it's (sadly) normal to grow up feeling not great about our bodies and sexuality but sex therapy can help.

Who can benefit from sex therapy or relationship therapy?

Anyone with a sexual concern or difficulty (no matter how small the concern seems). Sexuality and relationships are places to explore, nurture, thrive, experience pleasure and affection and joy. If this is something you're looking for, you've found the right place.

Founded by Dr. Catherine Dukes, LCSW in 2022, we are a growing practice adding Therapists, Trainers, Educators, Business Consultants. With each of us bringing our unique expert insights and education, we serve a diverse range of clients.

We Are Driven To help each person claim joy and connection in their sexuality and relationships


At The Center for Connection & Desire our core values are essential to who we are and how we help. Here are the values that guide us.

Help compassionately.

We are honored to be able to help others and make a difference. We are here to help.

Always collaborate.

Our Therapists, Trainers, Educators, Business Consultants collaborate with you because we embrace the fact that every single person is unique and comes to us with different challenges and needs. We genuinely care for every client.

Support each person as the complex worthy people they are.

For most individuals, couples, and folks representing sexually-marginalized communities it's hard to sort things out, sexuality and relationships can be confusing and complex, and challenges can arise across multiple areas of life all at once. We support all of who you are.

Build community and connection.

We contribute to our community through connecting and caring. We are dedicated to helping humans connect and stay connected.

Diversity and inclusion matter.

We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive place for clients and staff of all races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, sexualities, genders. In addition, our team strives to create a safe place for all people in acknowledgement that the world is not safe for many oppressed and marginalized identities. Diversity and inclusion are our commitments.

we are listening

What Our Clients Say

We often hear the following feedback from our individual clients, couples, and folks representing sexually-marginalized communities about working with our therapists and educators:

We helped their relationships

We helped them learn about themselves

We accepted them from the start

We allowed them the space to step out of their comfort zone

We helped them transform their sexuality

Dedicated To Helping
With Therapy And Beyond


Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, & Couples Counseling

Our commitment to supporting the mental health, relationship health, and sexual health of our community spans beyond our Therapy, Sex Therapy, Relationship Therapy (Couples Counseling), Adult Sex Ed, Professional Training, Consulting services with clients.

Adult Sex Ed

We are passionate about providing accessible adult sex education and relationship skills education and do so regularly through our blog, social media, free resources, newsletter, videos, workshops, trainings, curricula writing.

Our content is where all adults (singles, couples, or polycules) can get Adult Sex Ed full of fun education, practical strategies, tips and information to inspire a deeper understanding and connection to your sexuality, your relationship to yourself and others.

Public Speaking, Professional Training & Consulting

We are also available to speak in the community and as guests in the media. Want to get our expert opinion into your organization or content? Reach out and let us know.

Build The Amazing Intimacy You've Always Wanted - Let's Start Today

Here's how it works: Email us at [email protected] to schedule a 15-minute phone consult to see which of our services might be right for you. We're here to help.